Internationa action “Night at the Museum-2024” at the National Museum

Internationa action “Night at the Museum-2024” at the National Museum

On 18 May 2024, the State institution “National Museum” of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held an international event, “Night at the Museum,” in honor of International Museum Day from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The official opening of the event was attended by Director of the National Museum Ibrahimzoda Zafarsho Safo, Deputy Chairman of the city of Dushanbe Odilzoda Dilbar Rahim, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan Sharifzoda Manuchehr Murtazo, as well as the head and partners of the event, representative of the Bank of Dushanbe City Dodojonov Abdurahim, representative of Asia Print Mirzomonieva Nazira and representative of the Ecocity project from “One taxi” Gaibulloev Ismoil.

The event was attended by a number of high-level representatives from various countries and organisations, including ambassadors from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, India, Korea, France, Palestine, Pakistan, and China, as well as representatives from international organisations and other professionals.

It should be noted that this year, for the 11th time, the state institution “National Museum” is holding these events for domestic and foreign viewers and all fans of national history and culture at a high professional and creative level. As part of this initiative, more than 24 different cultural and entertainment exhibitions and clubs were held in the corridors and exhibition halls of the National Museum, all of which embodied the history, culture and national traditions of the Tajik people.

Furthermore, a documentary film, “International Initiatives of Tajikistan,” was presented to attendees via a large screen on the exterior of the institution’s building. A show concert featuring renowned singers from the country, called “Navoi Istiklol,” was held in the courtyard for the enjoyment of the local community.

In a gesture of international solidarity, cultural residents of the country proposed the “Night at the Museum – 2024” initiative, which was embraced by 15,620 individuals.