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An excursion is the main form of cultural and educational activities of the museum, through which visitors receive complete information about the museum’s exhibition.

At the National Museum, visitors will be able to enrich their knowledge about the ancient history and rich culture of the Tajik people, the unique nature of Tajikistan, various types of folk crafts, as well as the lifestyle, traditions, customs, and heroic deeds of the Tajiks through excursions. The exposition will tell visitors both about the internal achievements of Tajikistan and about the achievements in the international arena over the years of independence.

In 9 months of 2023, the museum was visited by 85430 people, of which 4155 were foreign visitors.

In 2022, guides of the National Museum conducted excursions in Tajik, Russian, English, Arabic, German, French, as well as in Hindi and Urdu for 17,006 visitors (13,769 domestic visitors, 3,237 foreign visitors) 2,021 excursions (1,022 for citizens of the country, 999 for foreign citizens). Compared to 2021, the museum was visited by 4,188 more people, and the number of excursions increased by 270.

In 2022, representatives from 47 countries visited the exhibition halls of the National Museum.


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