Visiting rules


1.Rules of conduct for visitors in the museum

 1.1. Visitors entrance to the exhibition halls of the museum carries out with the presentation of a museum ticket to the control point;

1.2. The visitor must provide a supporting document for purchasing a discount ticket;

1.3. The ticket must be retained by the visitor until leaving the museum;

1.4 Excursion activities in the exhibition halls are carried out only by museum guides;

1.5. Photo and video shooting in the exhibition halls is carried out by visitors with a special ticket.

2) Visitors are prohibited

2.1. Bring to the halls:

  1. a) bladed weapons and firearms;
  2. b) large bags, backpacks and other hand bags of large sizes from 20×30 cm, sports bags, shopping bags, briefcases, suitcases, bags with oversized items, umbrellas, unmarked plastic bags, outerwear (jackets, short coats, etc.);
  3. c) food;
  4. d) flammable and explosive substances.

2.2. Come to the museum with animals;

2.3. Smoking and littering in the museum premises;

2.4. Located in the museum halls:

  1. a) under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  2. b) in outerwear.

2.5. Be located on official territory;

2.6. Go beyond the boundary lines into the exhibit areas, touch museum exhibits and the display cases in which they are located, and also perform other actions that may damage exhibits and exhibition equipment;

2.7. Carry out unauthorized commercial activities, distribute printed materials, advertising, any goods without prior agreement with the administration.

2.8. Use mobile phones in the museum exhibition halls;

2.9. Talk loudly, scream, and run around the halls.

If you find suspicious items, packages, bags or other things left on the museum premises, visitors should immediately notify caretakers, security representatives or other museum employees.