Qalamqashi (pencil drawing). Fine art is a type of artistic creativity, the purpose of which is to reflect the surrounding world. It was formed in the oldest times, that is, the stone age. Primitive people depicted all kinds of scenes (petroglyphs) in caves and rocks. Graphics (from the Greek graphike and grapho – I write, draw, scheme) is a type of visual art that includes ink and fine print works (engraving, lithography, etc.) and is based on the art of drawing. Graphics originally meant line and calligraphic art.The basis of graphic art is the play method (skillful use of black and white shades). Therefore, in graphics, unlike other types of visual arts, different types of color are rarely used. Furthermore, the full and complete details encountered in artworks are not typical of graphics. Graphics, due to the miracle of expression, the possibility of continuous expression of the subject, as well as their suitability for publication in the field of propaganda (posters, illustrations, caricatures, cartoons, etc.), play a large role in the ideological, political and artistic education of the public.